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Distribution Sectors

Distribution Sectors


We specialize in the distribution of Premium spirits, such as cognacs, champagnes and whiskies.

Our main clients, in this sector, are Embassies, Diplomats, Governments, Military and luxury hotels.

This is a very important business sector for us. Hence, we’re continuously growing and expanding our product catalogue. This way the upper class, of each country, is able to obtain the high quality goods that, until now, were simply not available in Africa.

Perfumes and Cosmetics

Contrary to popular opinion, this is a sector with grand potential in Africa. In every country one is able to find beauty shops offering high quality perfumes and cosmetics.

Slowly, but steadily, we have contacted these beauty shop chains in order to create a market for ourselves (one that, today, is quite significant for our company).

At present, we distribute all the main cosmetic and perfume brands, in over 1,000 points of sale.

Hair Care

We have focused our efforts on the sale of professional hair care products.

We work closely with the top educators and education centers in Africa. Carefully, we've selected the best hair salons, in each country, and have shown them to use our products in the treatments that they offer their clients. The results have been better than we ever expected, making this one of the principal commercial segments of our company.

This success has allowed us to expand our product catalogue resulting in Africa Trading Group continuously representing more and more brands in the African territory.

Household Products

The majority of the household products that we represent are sold throughout supermarkets.

Our primary sales are comprised of razor blades, batteries, tissues and laundry detergents.

Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages make up our leading sector, attracting the majority of our clients to our company. Our principal clientele are supermarkets.

We have an ample array of products, mainly of mass consumption, within this market segment; i.e. chocolates, cookies, juices, soft drinks, potato chips, etc.

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